The Strategy Club
The Strategy Club

Welcome to The Strategy Club

Bootstrapping emerging entrepreneurs with strategy tools and techniques.

Why The Strategy Club?

Our goal is to bring together emerging entrepreneurs in the consumer goods space willing to bootstrap themselves to greater impact and income. By emerging entrepreneurs we mean intrapreneurs, solopreneurs and digipreneurs.

We employ strategy tools and techniques to help emerging entrepreneurs go from local to global using digital approaches to business. We believe collaboration works and we are committed to one another's success. 

We hold the values of variety, varecity and vibramncy in hish estime. If these values mean something to you, welcome to our tribe

Our Values


We are a tribe of emerging entrepreneurs from varying backgrounds who want to discover everything we have in common and help one another thrive online and offline. Our focus is consumer goods, our goal is helping one another thrive, our weapon is strategy


Our unending energy is a shared value. As emerging entrepreneurs, we have to be resilient. We are each excited about what we do and when the excitement wanes in one of us, we come together to inject life. We push forward with consistent resilience.


Trust is a universal currency that guarantees perpetuity particularly in the consumer goods space. We promote trust within our community and present trust to the rest of the world. Through trust, we build lasting, rewarding relationships.  

How You Will Benefit

Our community, conversations and courses are pretty special. We’re focused on the ways it will make a huge difference in your life using strategy tools and techniques. When you join The Strategy Club today, you’ll get access to:

  • Community Conversations Poised to Keep You Charged: Every month we host soul-stirring conversations on practical insight, winning attitudes and time-tested tips that emerging entrepreneurs to excel in the market place. Our topics range from customer experience to confidence, resilience to negotiation and much more.
  • Practical Workshops on Simple Technology for Small Business: Our platform offers self-paced, cohort-based courses on customer experience, customer data, visual branding, bookkeeping, social media and thought leadership. We focus on demonstrating skills you can put to use the day after the workshop ends.
  • Joint and Personalized Strategy Sessions - Interactive Ideation Sessions: The highpointof your experience in the Strategy Club is the Interactive Ideation Session. Whether you choose a self-paced course, combined instructor-led sessions or a personalized one-on-one, the Interactive Ideation Session will change your life.